Struck Creative Agency

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Idea Generator

I art directed, creative directed, designed and illustrated several projects ranging from brand identity, style guides, ad campaigns to short animations and spatial design. 

Clients included: Nickelodeon, Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts, Fisher-Price Imaginext, McDonald's, DC Comics, Jack In the Box, Deer Valley Resorts & more.

Licensing Programs

I contributed art direction, design and illustration to various licensing programs: Peanuts the Movie, SpongeBob, Rug Rats and more.

Peanuts the Movie
Creative and art direction, 3D, Hand Lettering, Design

Art direction, 3D, Hand Lettering, Design

Nickelodeon Book

I contributed creative direction, art direction and design. This was a huge group effort that I was happy to be a part of.

History of Nickelodeon gatefold
Creative direction, art direction, design, illustration

Nick Fuel origami fold
Creative direction, art direction, 3D, design, illustration

Spatial Design

I art directed and designed several spatial design projects: Imaginext, DC comics, Nickelodeon Building, Jack In the Box in-store fixtures, Creminelli Tradeshow Booth, McDonald's SXSW Presence


Fisher Price / Imaginext
Art direction, design, 3D and renders, in-store customer journey (5-8 year old perspective)


I would often create concepts / rough  mechnaicals in Sketchup Pro and then create a higher fidelity render in Cinema 4D

Art Direction and Design

I art directed and designed a variety of other projects ranging from packaging, ad campaigns, to short animations.

Roc by Monster
Art direction, design, illustration


I was tasked with coming up with unique ideas for everything from books, animations and licensing programs to spatial design. Here are a few samples of some of my ideas while working for STRUCK.

SpongeBob Facelift

Nickelodeon Facelift

Nickelodeon Mystry Floor

Eyeball Cannons

SpongeBob Playland

Rorschach projections

Analog Pixels

Creative direction, art direction, industrial design direction



"Nate Williams is one of the most innovative thinkers I've worked with in thirty years of business in the creative space. He looks at every problem with vigor and opportunity to define provocative solutions that clients fall in love with. He is boundless with his vision for creative thinking and one of those rare individuals who naturally sees possibilities instead of limits. He consistently stands at the door of sparking new horizons both for clients and internal staff. That spark is infectious for all those that hang with him in any capacity. I highly recommend his talent and dearly miss his presence at Struck!!"

Brent Watts
Executive Creative Director
STRUCK Creative Agency

"Nate has been an amazing creative here at Struck for the past 2 years and a true pleasure to collaborate with.  Everyone that has had the opportunity to hang with Nate knows that he is one of the most innovative thinkers out there; always coming up with new ways to solve our clients (and Struck's) problems. Not only is he a thinker, he figures out how to get stuff done. He has become an expert in Sketchup Pro, Cinema 4D, and has developed a new love and appreciation for architectural / industrial design.

Big thanks to Nate for all his amazing work that he's helped produce / design / illustrate / render during his stint here, ranging from Nickelodeon to, but it's not just about work with Nate, he is  just a great vibe to have around. You'll truly be missed n8w! "

Tosh Brown
Design Director
STRUCK Creative Agency