I have had many job titles and descriptions over the years, but creative problem solving is what I enjoy the most. My solutions have taken the form of web sites, apps, events, books, talks, systems and products.


Co-founder, Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator
2014 – present

radiCOOLS are fun, custom-designed wearable accessories for boys and girls.  As a way to express and display their interests, radiCOOLS’ collectable nature also gives kids social currency and can build conversations about your brand as kids share and swap accessories with friends.

Self-expression doesn’t end with the radiCOOL a kid decides to wear, but how they are worn can be as unique as the designs themselves.  radiCOOLS can be worn as a ring, a necklace, a shoe or belt accessory.  Or you can take them off and hang them on a fridge or in a locker.




Founder, Developer
2010 – Present

It doesn't matter what you experience if you don't take the time to reflect on it and learn something.

So, I created a tool to help facilitate this process and allow users to:

  • Find patterns in their best and worst days.

  • Find out what they have been thinking about the most for the last day, week, month, year, etc.

  • Find out which emotional states (Happiness, Anger, Frustration, Accomplishment, etc) are triggered by specific keywords, activities, people, etc

  • It's called PROCONist because it represents your input based on the Pros and Cons of your day.

PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, basic statistics

Founder, Developer
2006 – 2016

I founded one of the premiere illustration destinations on the web. I conceived, designed and programmed a custom content management system to accommodate publishing news, sort ranking illustrators, site registration, and a searchable XY Q & A database. I also conducted interviews with over 100 illustrators, designers, art directors and art reps.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery, SEO


Founder, Developer
2009 – 2016

This site was created as a fun destination for Art Directors, Designers, Students and people who just love lettering and typography. I designed and developed a custom content management system to handle sorting, ranking, comments, registration and more.

User could generate ransom notes with UGC. Unfortunately, it's no longer available, but you can

see a demo of something similar on my site.

PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Custom CMS

Founder, Developer, Speaker, Illustrator
2012 – 2016

I created a site to encourage kids and playful adults to exercise their creative muscle. The site included free downloadable creative classroom activities and an online gallery where participants could share and view ideas from other "creACTIVISTs" 

As the Founder of the creACTIVIST platform, I have had the pleasure of visiting schools in Argentina and Brazil to motivate and facilitate school children and university students in their creative problem-solving skills.

PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, illustrator and sometimes a paper napkin

Creative workshop at a small Argentine elementary

Picture Books

Author, Designer, Illustrator
I continue to write and illustrate picture books and board books.


Creative & Speaking Engagements

It has always been important to me to engage with, motivate, energize and inspire young creatives with things I have learned along the way. I have been fortunate to be presented with the opportunity to give talks and conduct creative workshops at universities, companies and events around the world.


Cornish College of the Arts - Seattle, Society of Illustrators – New York City, ILUSTRAFIC - Valencia, Spain, University of Buenos Aires - Argentina, Computer Arts Show - São Paulo, Brazil, American Greetings - Cleveland, Ohio, OFFSET -  Dublin, Ireland, Puma Street Arts Festival - Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pixelation - Cordaba, Argentina, Cliche Arts Festival - Bahía Blanca, Sid Lee - Montreal, Canada, and more.

Talk at Society of Illustrator NYC.  Watch the video.

Talk at Society of Illustrator NYC. Watch the video.

Guest Speaker  OFFSET Dublin, Ireland
Guest Speaker at  ILUSTRAFIC - Valencia, Spain
Creative Work at American Greetings

Creative Work at American Greetings

Art Directors Club  Worldwide Creative Competition, New York City

I have had the honor of being invited twice to judge the highly prestigious ADC Global competition with entries submitted by some of the most respected art directors, designers, illustrators and creative agencies from around the world.

Hola Amiga / HUMANist / Good Soul

Creative Director, Design, Illustration

In our spare time, my wife and I like to take a break from the high-tech world and work on low-fi real world projects; Bags, Pillows, Pencil Cases, Posters, Events and whatever else inspires us :)

Each HUMANist case is one of a kind; hand made, with a mix of designs and interior fabric. These products celebrate human imperfection and the accidental innovations and discoveries that are a part of being HUMAN.



SILKSCREEN PARTY - You are the show :)

The PARK BENCH silkscreen party was an event organized by me and Turbo Galeria in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Participants brought anything they desired to be silk screened live (mix colors, mix screens, get to know your neighbor) and yes my art was printed on someone's underwear ... right where it belongs. 

Impromptu drying rack

Impromptu drying rack

Composition Generator

Curiosity, Play, Discovery. You can have an initial plan, but the real power comes from recognizing patterns in things that are happening and amplifying these discoveries. I created the composition generator that is intended to facilitate play and discovery. Stop and smell the roses, make unexpected connections.