Nate Williams


Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator


I’m passionate about bringing ideas to life through visual communication and collaboration.

I am a well rounded CREATIVE DIRECTOR, ART DIRECTOR, DESIGNER and ILLUSTRATOR with several years of experience in the design, marketing and software industry.


Work History

Co-founder, Creative Director
2014 to present

Nate Williams Creative
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator
2003 to present

Starbucks Creative
Senior Digital Designer

Art Director | Spatial Content
2016 to 2018

Lead In-store Designer
2015 to 2016

Struck Creative Agency
Art Director
2013 to 2015

Art Director
2001 to 2003

Microsoft Games Studios
Web Design Engineer
1996 to 2001


  • art direction

  • ideation

  • creative problem solving

  • standing-up creative production pipelines

  • creative management

  • mentoring creatives

  • design

  • design direction

  • defining critical paths

  • user journeys

  • data-driven iteration

  • illustration

Speaking Engagements

Cornish College of the Arts
Seattle, Washington

Society of Illustrators
New York City USA

València, Spain

University of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Córdoba , Argentina

Computer Arts Show
São Paulo, Brazil

American Greetings
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Dublin, Ireland

Sid Lee
Montreal, Canada

Cliche Festival
Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Awards and Honors

  • Art Directors Club Jury 2015 & 2010

  • AIGA Eye On Design

  • Pentaward International Packaging Award

  • Communication Arts Typography Annual

  • Type Directors Club Award

  • Cause/Affect Award

  • National Azbee Awards Gold

  • HOW International Design Awards

  • HOW Logo Design Awards

  • American Illustration

  • Society of Illustrators


  • Starbucks

  • Facebook

  • Microsoft

  • Cartoon Network

  • Target

  • The North Face

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Wired Magazine

  • Peet’s Coffee

  • San Francisco Chronicle

  • Scholastic

  • New York Times

  • Utah Symphony

  • Sutter Home Vineyards

  • Coca Cola

  • Washington Post

  • United Airlines

  • Oreo

  • Taco Bell

  • Harper Collins

  • Converse Shoes

    more clients


Design UI/UX

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Animate, XD, Dreamweaver

  • Sketch

  • Mitya

  • Principle

  • Dreamweaver



  • JavaScript (basic)

Creative Management

  • Shotgun

  • Workforce


  • Perforce

  • Visio

  • Custom CMS - conceived, designed & programmed


  • Sketchup Pro

  • Cinema 4D

  • Marmoset Toolbag


Nate Williams

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STRUCK Creative Agency

"Nate Williams is one of the most innovative thinkers I've worked with in thirty years of business in the creative space. He looks at every problem with vigor and opportunity to define provocative solutions that clients fall in love with. He is boundless with his vision for creative thinking and one of those rare individuals who naturally sees possibilities instead of limits. He consistently stands at the door of sparking new horizons both for clients and internal staff. That spark is infectious for all those that hang with him in any capacity. I highly recommend his talent and dearly miss his presence at Struck!!"

Brent Watts
Executive Creative Director
STRUCK Creative Agency

Starbucks Global Creative Studio

"Nate’s a genius. He carries his curiosity everywhere, and thinks far, far beyond the superficial challenge of any assignment. He wields a treasure-trove of experience with tools and techniques that instantly accelerated our entire team’s efforts, and manages to maintain such a fresh perspective, ceaselessly looking to improve collaboration, execution, and process. It’s the love of thinking and exploring that’s most infectious with Nate, and that is what the very best career experiences are made of."

Eva Rees
Experience Strategist
Starbucks Global Creative Studio


"Nate is a smart and enthusiastic Art Director with a great eye for visuals as well as a great brain for design. When we work together, he regularly contributes to ideas way beyond just art and has demonstrated a willing to go the extra mile to make stuff work. I totally trust that when Nate is on something, it's going to be awesome.

On top of his prodigious talent, he's a good person and has managed to work well with everyone he's encountered on our team."

Struan Robertson
Principal Creative Director at Microsoft


"Nate has brought a great perspective to the projects we've worked on together. He's great at balancing his contributions as an art director with project constraints and goals. In addition to those skills, he brings a great demeanor and temperament to the fast moving environment in which we've worked together."

LaSean Smith
Studio Manager at Microsoft


"I've been a big fan of Nate's illustrative work for a long time, but recently I had the chance to collaborate with him closer and observed his great skills as Art Director, Nate has an incredible eye for good artistic quality, he is methodical and a sharp idea-man, with strong creative process and solid organizational skills. Besides that, he is also a great team player. Any team will be lucky to have Nate's skills on their side!!"

Alberto Cerriteño
Principal Art Director at Microsoft | Windows Next - EDM

Starbucks Global Creative Studio

"Nate is one of the most talented, versatile, well spoken creatives I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From systematic design thinking to some of the most expressive and beautiful illustrations you can imagine. On top of mastering every tool in the design toolbox, Nate possesses an inherent curiosity that challenges assumptions to create new and exciting work. I was impressed and inspired every day working with him."

Rob Stanton
Associate Creative Director
Starbucks Global Creative Studio


"I have really enjoyed collaborating with Nate this year on the 3D for everyone program at Microsoft. He leads with kindness, openness, listens to all voices, and provides great insight and feedback to any solutions we are trying to tackle. I'm excited to continue growing our collaboration and evolving our products together!"

Rachel Hatley-Starnes
Art Director, Microsoft, Future Innovation and Experiences

Starbucks Global Creative Studio

"While I have long admired Nate's illustrations, that did not play into our decision to hire him at Starbucks. We needed a senior art director to come in and help solve for a new and dynamic digital menu design system that we wanted to roll quickly out to stores. Nate's technical ability, with design and motion/video work as well as the organization and discipline were a robust skill set that he brought and that moved us forward from his first day on. He is a great collaborator, especially with early UX designers and strategists that helps ground the designs in the right problems to solve. We hit every timeline to get a new product working, and Nate was a critical part of that."

Briar Waterman
Director of Digital Creative
Starbucks Global Creative Studio


"As an Art Director Nate was excellent at communicating his vision while being hands on with his team to lead them to the right outcomes. While working with him, I found him to be passionate about his craft while also being realistic on what could be delivered. He was also super flexible when we had crazy last minute requests and had a "can-do" attitude that helped us meet numerous deadlines. Nate is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any product."

Tarrah Milo Wilson
Producer & Design PM: Video Games & Virtual Reality

STRUCK Creative Agency

"Nate has been an amazing creative here at Struck for the past 2 years and a true pleasure to collaborate with.  Everyone that has had the opportunity to hang with Nate knows that he is one of the most innovative thinkers out there; always coming up with new ways to solve our clients (and Struck's) problems. Not only is he a thinker, he figures out how to get stuff done. He has become an expert in Sketchup Pro, Cinema 4D, and has developed a new love and appreciation for architectural / industrial design.

Big thanks to Nate for all his amazing work that he's helped produce / design / illustrate / render during his stint here, ranging from Nickelodeon to, but it's not just about work with Nate, he is  just a great vibe to have around. You'll truly be missed n8w!"

Tosh Brown
STRUCK Creative Agency
Design Director

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