The world is filled with possibilities, relationships and experiences. Human-Centered Design is a powerful tool that can facilitate all of these.

I have designed for a wide range of clients and projects; web, mobile, digital menus, visual merchandising, branding/identity, packaging to processes and systems that facilitate creative asset production pipelines, community web sites and more.


New technologies, trends and the ever-changing competitive landscape require new skills and the ability to adapt. However, creativity, the capacity to learn quickly, self-motivation and a solution-oriented mind-set are always applicable and valuable.


Starbucks Creative Studio

Senior Digital Designer

As the Senior Digital Designer for Starbucks’ dynamic digital menu initiative, my responsibilities included the following:

  • Collaborating and presenting ideas to contribute to the success of the program

  • Defining and creating an extensible, scalable atomic design system (Sketch)

  • Creating and maintaining pattern libraries

  • Defining and managing the asset production pipeline (Shotgun)

  • Story-boarding and art directing photo / video shoots

  • Creating animated content and prototypes (Sketch, Mitya, After Effects, Animate)

  • Creating designs from concept to completion

  • Creating in-store screen mock-ups

  • Implementing qualitative and quantitative learnings

  • Attending focus groups and making store field trips to inform a user centered design approach

Unfortunately, at this time I can not show much of the work until it’s made public

Founder, UX/UI Designer, Developer
2006 – 2016

I founded one of the premiere illustration destination on the web with over 40,000+ registered artists, designers & art directors. I conceived, designed and programmed a custom content management system to accommodate publishing news, sort ranking illustrators, site registration, and a searchable XY Q & A database. I also conducted interviews with over 100 illustrators, designers, art directors and art reps.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery, SEO


Founder, UX/UI Designer, Developer
2009 – 2016

I conceived, designed and developed this site as a fun destination for Art Directors, Designers, Students and people who just love lettering and typography. I designed and developed a custom content management system to handle sorting, ranking, comments, registration and more.

PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Custom CMS



Founder, UX/UI Designer, Developer
2010 – Present

I conceived, designed and developed this web app to accomplish the following

  • Find patterns in your best and worst days.

  • Find out what you have been thinking about the most for the last day, week, month, year, etc.

  • Find out which emotional states (Happiness, Anger, Frustration, Accomplishment, etc) are triggered by specific keywords, activities, people, etc

  • It's called PROCONist because it represents your input based on the Pros and Cons of your day.

PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, basic statistics


Founder, UX/UI Designer, Developer, Speaker, Illustrator
2012 – 2016

I created a site to encourage kids and playful adults to exercise their creative muscle. The site included free downloadable creative classroom activities and an online gallery where participants could share and view ideas from other "creACTIVISTs" 

As the Founder of the creACTIVIST platform, I have had the pleasure of visiting schools in Argentina and Brazil to motivate and facilitate school children and university students in their creative problem-solving skills.

PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, illustrator and sometimes a paper napkin



Art Director ( Digital / Interactive )

  • Provided art and design direction of the overall UX on

  • Worked closely with the creative team to identify new ideas and solutions to existing issues.  

  • Provide art and creative direction on numerous projects

  • Actively Managed creative vendors and agencies that produced first-party Flash microsites/trailers.

  • Collaborated closely with the Product Management team and the rest of the team to develop designs that in line with the company’s identified marketing strategy, customer needs, content requirements, and other mandatory design and technical guidelines.

  • Worked with the Xbox team to ensure every design concept meets the identified requirements and exceeds customer expectations.

  • Developed a holistic design framework that utilized existing elements (Flash microsites, game-detail pages, supporting game-specific content pages, and game-specific graphical elements) and created a more singular, well-integrated and high-impact experience for each game.  

  • Established an optimal design solution/template that enabled a unique, title-specific experience while also reinforcing the Xbox brand. 

  • Established Microsite best practices and was actively involved in the selection of outside creative vendors to produce Microsites.

  • Oversaw the production of individual graphical elements for 1st party games designed by vendors and CSG. 

  • Contributed to the design and development of several Flash microsites/trailers for individual 1st party Xbox titles; and supported other design and user experience projects for as needed. 

  • Designed, developed and produced several Xbox & Microsoft Studios game product web sites: HALO, Age of Empires, MechWarrior, Kung Fu Chaos, Blood Wake and much more.

Microsoft Game Studios

Web Design Engineer & Artist

  • Actively involved in the entire product development life-cycle from the initial design and development of product web sites to delivery and launch of the finished product.

  • Successfully contributed to the definition, conceiving, coordination, and production of 50+ web sites.

  • Designed and launched web sites that utilized database-driven content.

  • Designed and built web interface screens for PC games and CD-ROMs, which includes creating animation and interactive interfaces utilizing emerging web/multimedia technology. 

  • Ensured that each web site/interface was up-to-date and compatible with the latest advancement in technology and design.