Seattle, Washington

I’m passionate about ideas, art, design and visual communication.

I have 20+ years experience in the design / marketing industry. I have worked extensively in various facets of the industry ranging from art direction, interactive, UI/UX, print, visual merchandising, spatial design and illustration.

I have had a variety of experiences ranging from working as an art director at, designing and programming 50+ Microsoft Games product web sites, managing design agency relationships, creating products for Urban Outfitters and Monoblock, creating retail store murals for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, collaborating on style guides for Nickelodeon / Fisher Price, conceiving and programming mood analyzing software, spatial design (trade-show booths, building interiors, shop in shops and exteriors) to writing and illustrating picture books. I have led a team of designers at Microsoft and have organized free creative workshops for kids in Argentina. I have given lectures at universities, companies, design events and organizations around the world about creativity, design, illustration and idea generation.

Jobs are constantly changing and require new skills and the ability to adapt to new technologies and environments, but creativity, the capacity to learn quickly, self-motivation and a solution-oriented mind-set are always applicable and valuable.

If you find these attributes valuable as well.  I would love to talk about how we can work together.

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Cartoon Network, Target, The North Face, Urban Outfitters, Microsoft, Wired Magazine, Peet’s Coffee, New York Times, Coca Cola, Washington Post, United Airlines, Oreo, Taco Bell, Harper Collins, Converse Shoes, Scholastic, Pearl Jam, Dell Computers, MSN, Utah Symphony, Brown University, Nick Jr., How Magazine,  San Francisco Chronicle, Sierra Club, Alterra Coffee, Wieden and Kennedy, Modernista, Modern Dog, Furia (Argentina), Gazz (Argentina), Arnold, Puffin Books UK, V2 Records


  • International Art Directors Club Jury 2015 & 2010 (New York City)
  • AIGA Eye On Design
  • Pentaward International Packaging Award
  • Communication Arts Typography Annual
  • Type Directors Club Award
  • Society of Illustrators
  • Cause/Affect Award
  • National Azbee Awards Gold
  • HOW International Design Awards
  • HOW Logo Design Awards
  • American Illustration


  • Cornish College of the Arts - Seattle
  • Society of Illustrators – New York City
  • ILUSTRAFIC - Valencia, Spain
  • University of Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Computer Arts Show - São Paulo, Brazil
  • American Greetings - Cleveland, Ohio
  • OFFSET -  Dublin, Ireland
  • Sid Lee - Montreal, Canada


  • Idea generation & problem solving
  • Art direction
  • Visual & spatial design
  • Illustration
  • Creative management


  • Design - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (a little After Effects)
  • 3D - Sketchup Pro, Cinema 4D
  • UX/Web Dev - Dreamweaver, Flash, PHP/MySQL, CSS/HTML, jQuery/Javascript, Axure RP


  • (Co-founder/Creative Director) - kid's promotional items
  • PROCONist - (Founder, designer, programmer) - mood analyzer web app
  • - (Founder, designer, programmer - active 2006-2015) - premiere illustration portal 30,000+ registered users
  • (Founder, designer, programmer active 2009-2015) - hand lettering community web site
  • - (Founder, creative content, programmer active 2012-2015) - free creative exercises for kids

English / Spanish


  • Modus operandi: curiosity, play, discovery, empathy
  • I lived in Latin America for 10 years (Argentina, Costa Rica).
  • I designed, programmed and produced a lot of the first Xbox & Microsoft Studios game product web sites: HALO, Age of Empires,  MechWarrior, Kung Fu Chaos, Blood Wake and many more.
  • I have a passion for inspiring and encouraging children. My first two picture-books I wrote and illustrated were published in 2015 by Gibbs Smith
  • In addition to art direction and design, I have a passion for art and illustration, founded and illustrate under two different names: Nate Williams and Alexander Blue